Use the verb “to call” in the following situations. Say the sentences aloud.
You can also record you sentences on www.vocaroo.com

Send your sentences from vocaroo to your teacher and ask him/her to check it for you.

Good luck!

  • You have to telephone your boss to tell him you need a day off.
  • You have to telephone your colleague to tell her that you need the help of her department with your new project.
  • You have to call your subordinate and tell him/her that he/she has to meet your Client instead of you because you will be on an important business trip.
  • Pair work. Inform your partner about the fact that you have to call someone and tell her / him who you have to call.
  • And finally, imagine that you are calling this person and say the sentences again starting them with: “Hi …. , I’m calling you to tell you …”.

Check the answers to the yesterday’s task.

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He called me every night while he was away.

Has anyone called the police?

I’ll call a taxi for you.

I’ll call again later.